1. I totally agree with y our assessment of the US. Would anyone even notice if the biblical plagues and calamities descended on it at this point? I do however have a hard time picturing Kanye and Kim as prez and first lady – what could go wrong … ?!$%&

    1. Once can be a mistake…but if another celebrity gets in the White House there is definitely something wrong going on in people’s heads…
      Yes, what could possibly go wrong 🙂

  2. Hope your plan for Spanish visa work out smoothly! It’s nice to look forward to that kind of stability in the current generally unpredictable and uncertain climate. I wonder how many slow travellers out there have changed or are changing their plans. We are still intending to push ahead with our slow travelling, but may take a slower pace to buy some time. It’s difficult to stay too optimistic in today’s world for sure.

  3. Nailed it… “Never mind the US which is so f*cked up. You couldn’t f*ck up the US more if you had planned it. All you need now is earthquakes, volcanoes, a plague of locusts, a war with a foreign nation, a civil war, an alien invasion, and Kanye West becoming US president (which might be an improvement over the current incumbent idiot).”

  4. Hi Frank and Lissette,

    sorry for my English. I am from Hungary, and I really like your blog, it is very informative and interesting. Congratulations!

    It is very interesting for me, that you like our region (east-middle Europe), so it is to me always something surprising to read and see the pictures of countries which are so wellknown for me. Of course, I like our posts about countries as well which I don’t know at all, but the most interesting ones are from our region. (A different point of view on something what I know, is always enlightening.) I hope, you can come back again, and see some other towns too. (In Hungary for example Szeged, Pécs or Veszprém.)

    I will be your reader in the future too.

    1. Hi Csongor,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. We would love to come back sometime and see more of Hungary, we’ve had good experiences. And I never get tired of Palinka.
      Best Regards,

  5. I know what you mean about lock down initially being almost a reprieve. So many times we said “what I wouldn’t give for a quiet day to just get things done.” Well, I’m well and truly tired of this “reprieve.” And, almost none of the things I wanted to get done actually have gotten done because all I do all day is read news sites and scream about the latest horrible thing our government has done or not done (actually, in June I finally started practicing French most days just to try to use my brain). And, sadly, I fear that as Americans this is going to be our lives for a very long time…. On a different note, how are you going to see live hockey? Are fans allowed at hockey games in Quebec? Even if fans were allowed at sporting events here, I sure wouldn’t feel safe going … Good luck getting all of your papers set for Spain. Fingers crossed it works for you!

    1. Oh, sorry I wasn’t clear about the hockey. I meant live on TV. Been in Europe last 6 years and always watching games after the fact. Will be happy sitting in front of the TV and watching a game. That’s what I meant.
      Yes, I think we are going through the same range of feelings.
      Good luck to you both!

  6. I am anxious to hear about the changes that the pandemic has brought to your outlook and why you are now looking for a smaller city for a base. Hopefully you won’t keep us waiting too long….
    I am glad that you and Lisette are well and look forward to more posts.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Tonja! Nice to get comments from people we haven’t heard from before.
      I promise not to keep it for too long 🙂
      You’re not located in Spain are you?

      1. No, I am in BC, but I do have a fondness for Spain and have visited a couple of times. I am currently thinking more about Portugal as a second home base.

  7. enjoy your time back in montreal as best you can. I just commented about Melbourne in your previous post. it all seems to stem from one source sadly. we havent really done masks here. people wear them and as of friday we were advised that NOW… they would help. i find they really stifle my breathing but I guess it makes sense to wear them. i think we might get similar reactions if i answered the door wearing one! take care Frank.

    1. Like you I find wearing a mask difficult. Hard to breath and makes me swear. Very uncomfortable. Was the main reason I didn’t much enjoy the 20 hr trip back to Montreal…and why we won’t fly unless necessary.

  8. Those two weeks will zoom by compared to the lockdown you had in Spain, good luck! Interesting to read your perceptions of the differences between EU/US…here in the UK facemasks haven’t really been a thing, although they’re essential on public transport now, which is a first. No-one really knows whether to wear them or not, it’s unusual in our area to see anyone wearing one. Wish the powers would just make their minds up. Too late now really though. Hope you guys manage to get your visas sorted for October, crossing all our fingers and toes for you!

    1. Things getting better in the UK Heather? We don’t seem to hear that much about where you are since early in the summer when they were singling it out for the way they were dealing with it. I know lots of Brits anxious to be going to Spain.
      Thanks for the kind words! Has actually been going fast. We’ve been ordering Indian food from our favorite restaurant, something we missed in Spain

      1. Yes, things slowly getting better, cafes etc starting to open, but of course the hordes have started congregating en masse at the beach etc, plus the riots, so we’re now getting flare ups and fully expect another wave before too long. We’re getting in a quick UK road trip (staying at some self catering places) in Aug whilst we can. And this morning the gov announced face masks will be mandatory in shops in 2 weeks. Too little too late, honestly it’s embarrassing. But would still prefer to be here than in the US. Enjoy your curries 🙂

  9. Good post Frank,

    Fall is always my favorite time of year, just about anywhere.

    Let’s just hope when the cooler weather comes, that if COVID comes back strong,
    the governments everywhere take measured responses… and not knee-jerk, stop
    start, stop start ones.

  10. I am happy to read this article as I was most curious about why you chose to travel back to Canada at this time. I understand now. Always enjoy your thoughts.

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