Photos of beautiful Santa Teresa – and why we’re not big fans of Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, costa rica header
Anyone who’s followed my blog knows that we haven’t been great fans of Costa Rica. Santa Teresa ended up being the one place in Costa Rica that we loved.

First of all, Santa Teresa itself isn’t much of anything. It’s a dirty little town built up [Read more…]

Feeling Ripped off in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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We had a lot of things planned in La Fortuna. Unfortunately everything on this Costa Rican trip was going wrong. [Read more…]

Freaked out about Flying in Costa Rica

E. to Fortuna from Quepos 216 (13)

If you haven’t zip-lined or bungee jumped I recommend the next closest thing to an extreme sport in Costa Rica: flying in a small plane.

With the country being so mountainous and the roads such a mess, flying is the quickest way of getting around. So before our month-long trip I booked 3 flights with Natureair. After our pleasant experience taking a small seaplane in Thailand I thought it would be a fun and unique way of seeing the geography of Costa Rica. [Read more…]

Bored and Frustrated in Uvita and Dominical, Costa Rica

dominical and uvita, costa rica, header

Above: view from Villas Alturas, close to Dominical.

DominicalI’m pretty disgusted with my blogging on Costa Rica. I re-read this post and bore myself. Sorry. On most of our trips we travel around, visiting national parks, towns, various sights. We meet interesting people and I usually have something to write about. I find Costa Rica frustrating – everything is far to get to, transport is inconvenient (and taxis really expensive). I should have rented a 4*4 but I don’t drive manual. Even if I had wanted to, I’ve been told by a few frustrated tourists that all the rental agencies were rented-out. I wanted to see the Nauyaca waterfall in Dominical but I was told that you can not go privately by taxi, you have to go as part of a tour group. I was then told that the tour was sold out for the day in question. This basically sums up our experience in the first ten days of this trip. It just seems for whatever reason we get stuck at a hotel or resort. I’ve never experienced that before, not anywhere. Everything feels so isolated here.

[Read more…]

Manuel Antonio: “Coconut filled Paradise” – I don’t think so…

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica header

What a disappointment. The town of Manuel Antonio is nothing more than a dirty little beach town. The one street in and out of here is lined with the usual mix of bars, restaurants, and gift shops you see in other beach towns. Some beach towns are interesting and fun in their kitchyness – not Manuel Antonio. It is dirty, disorganized, full of traffic and angry people (more on that later), and littered with the usual douchbags who loiter the streets of beach towns looking to scam, pick up, or otherwise profit from the tourist trade.

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Visiting Orosi, Costa Rica

Orosi, Costa Rica, header

Orosi is a small town in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. It was our first stop in Costa Rica. We arrived in San Jose 24 hours later than scheduled (thanks to crappy USAir) and were picked up at the airport by a driver. From there it was about 2 hours to Orosi.

Lush, very green (the valley receives the most rainfall in Costa Rica), Orosi is famous for its coffee plantations. [Read more…]

Why I’ll never fly US Airways again

USAir - you suck

I make it a point to try to never connect through the US when going somewhere. There are just too many headaches involved with all the checking and re-checking of baggage and all the various levels of security. It’s stressful. And when I do have to go through the [Read more…]