50 Things to do in Prague

50 things
We’ve spent almost 3 months in Prague. Tomorrow we leave with a heavy heart. The city has grown on us. When we first arrived we were a bit overwhelmed by the language barrier, the logistics of getting things done, and number of tourists in the city center. With time we discovered [Read more…]

Photo Essay – The Towers of Prague

the-towers-of-Prague, Czech Republic

I love climbing towers and seeing a city from different viewpoints. So I was excited to hear that you can buy one ticket that allows access to the most impressive towers of Prague.

This post covers the 5 towers covered in the “The Towers of Prague” ticket as well as a 6th tower not included (the Old Town Hall Tower). It details the towers, the climb you can expect, and features the amazing views of Prague that you’ll see along the way. I’ll also tell you which of the towers were our favorites and why they should not be missed by any visitor to Prague. [Read more…]

Nationalities on the friendliness scale. Case study: Germans and Czechs.

nationalities on the friendliness scale

Above: Wedding party in Dresden

It’s funny how things can be so different when crossing that imaginary political line called a border. Just 2 hours from Prague is Dresden in the former East Germany. We’d forgotten how rich everything feels in Germany. Everyone looks happy, healthy and full of life. The Germans dress well and, well, they smell great too. The shopping malls glitter, the people are smiling and friendly. There is an air, an atmosphere about Germany that is so much lighter and friendlier than what we that found in the Czech Republic. I don’t mean that as a slight against the Czech Republic – we’ve ended up really enjoying Prague and have met some very nice people along the way. But Germans are by nature so much easier to like. [Read more…]

Kutná Hora and the Sedlec Ossuary – Photo Essay and Travel Tips

kutna hora, czech republic, header

Many people only come to Kutná Hora to visit the famous Sedlec Ossuary (i.e  the bone chapel) on the outskirts of town. Those people are seriously missing out on the best parts of Kutná Hora. While interesting and macabre, the Sedlec Ossuary will take about 20 minutes of your time and you’ll feel disappointed if you took the train from Prague just to see this. I actually think it’s over-rated. This post will explore the highlights of Kutná Hora and give you a few tips on how to get there while also avoiding the crowds at Sedlec. [Read more…]

Prague Zoo – a ‘must-see’ for anyone visiting Prague with Children

Prague zoo header
The Prague Zoo was just earlier this month picked as the 3rd best zoo in Europe by Trip Advisor. It’s also, in our opinion, the best activity for anyone visiting Prague with Children.

The zoo covers 58 hectares of land and has over 150 different exhibits featuring 4800 animals and 700 different species, including some 133 ‘endangered species”. We saw the Brown Hyena and Gharial Crocodile here, two species we’ve never seen in any zoo. [Read more…]

Photo Essay – Prague’s most scenic walk

Prague's most scenic walk, header

Sick of the hordes of tourists that trample through the streets of Prague? Want a relaxed walk with great views? The walk I’ll cover in this post is the absolute highlight of our first month in Prague. [Read more…]

One month in Prague. Experiences, impressions, tips and resources.

one month in prague header
Last weekend marked one month since we started our new life on the road. The transition from Montreal to Prague has actually been surprisingly easy. We’ve had a few challenges but few have actually had to do with our new destination.

Here [Read more…]

Prague – Painting a Brick for a good cause

painting a brick for a good cause
Just outside the Museum of Communism  in Prague you’ll come across a wall of brightly-colored bricks. The Beneficial Brick Initiative is a charity fundraiser created to help mentally handicapped people better integrate into society. For a donation of 150 Kč (about $8 US) you can paint a brick with your choice of colors and add it anywhere you want on the pile of stacked bricks. [Read more…]

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic – Photo Essay and tourist information

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic header

Český Krumlov, along with Prague, are the two most popular destinations for visitors to the Czech Republic. The town looks like something out of a fairytale with a huge castle overlooking a picturesque old town. The Vltava River winds its [Read more…]

‘Ahoy!!’ Why you would be mistaken to think that the Czech Republic is a great seafaring nation.

Ahoy in the czech republic header
The formal greeting in the Czech Republic is ‘Dobrý deň’ (‘Good day’). The informal greeting is ‘Ahoy!’.
The first time I heard this I had to scratch my head. ‘Ahoy’ is traditionally used as a word to signal a ship. So why do the Czechs use a nautical expression as an informal greeting? (especially strange since it’s a landlocked nation). Nobody knows why, although it seems to have its beginnings at the end of the First World War. But it gets weirder than this.
. [Read more…]