Italian City Rumble! Venice, Rome or Bologna – which should you Visit?

Two Italian tourism heavyweights and a city most people associate with lunch meat. But wait, don’t be too quick in dismissing Bologna.

Last year Lissette and I spent 5 weeks based in Italy. Among the cities visited this time around (we’ve been to Italy a few times now) were Venice, Rome and Bologna.  So which city should you visit?

Time to Rumble – Italian style!

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Our 60 Favorite Photos from 2016

Our 60 Favorite Photos from 2016

A couple of weeks ago I did a wrap-up of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) places visited in 2016. We took so many photos in 2016 that we decided to go through them and choose our favorites from the year.

“Favorite” photos doesn’t necessarily mean “best” photos. “Favorite” can mean a place that holds a special memory (like that dog lying at Lissette’s feet) or a place that was just overall a special place (Cape Town was for me “that special place”).  [Read more…]

Looking back at 2016…and forward to 2017. And our Travel Oscars (and losers) for the year.


Ah, the usual yearly wrap-ups that we travel bloggers come up with. But I’ve said it before: year end posts are about remembering what we did in the year, how far we came in fulfilling what we hoped for, and remembering how we felt about the places we visited as well as where we are in life. After all, the main goal when I set up this website was to document our travels (for ourselves).

In this post you’ll see a summary of the different places we went, our favorites and not-so-favorites, as well as some thoughts on our lifestyle as full-time (slow*) travellers. I’ll also go over some of our plans for the coming year. [Read more…]

Forget everything you’ve read. Rome is Incredible

Forget everything you’ve read – Rome is Incredible

I had read so many negative things online about Rome that I honestly had an aversion to visiting the city. People will tell you that it is a big and dirty city, that the transport is bad and that highlights are spread out and hard to see on a short visit. They’ll say that it’s packed with tourists, that locals are unfriendly and the food horrible. So when Lissette mentioned she’d like to visit the city – mainly to see St. Peter’s Basilica – I found myself making all kinds of excuses why we shouldn’t go. [Read more…]

Photo Essay: A day in Venice (and on the joys of skipping the sights)

Photo Essay A day in Venice

We’ve been to magical Venice before, lining up to see the main attractions and doing all the other tourist stuff – all the stuff you sometimes feel you have to do because you may never see the place again. This time, 8 years later, we decided to just enjoy Venice: ie. walk around, take some photos, look at people and sit on a square having a Spritz.

That’s exactly what we did.

If you want a bit of history and a recap of sights in Venice have a look at our previous post. But if you just want to see a whole bunch of photos that show off Venice’s beauty just continue on this post…

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Porticos, leaning towers, and one of the coolest churches we’ve seen – the unique sights of beautiful Bologna, Italy

Porticos, leaning towers, and one of the coolest churches we’ve seen -  the unique sites of beautiful Bologna, Italy

Some people (including Spanky) will shoot me for saying this – but I was actually more impressed with Bologna than I was with Verona. It might not have as many points of interest as Verona but the sights in Bologna are unique and you won’t find anything similar anywhere else in Italy. [Read more…]

Highlights of Verona, Italy. And wondering why Juliet’s House is so darn popular.

Things to see in Verona, Italy. And questioning why Juliet’s House is so darn popular.

When we told people that we were going to Verona we had a few – manly men even – ask us if we were going to visit Juliet’s House. For those who don’t know (as we didn’t) “Juliet’s house” relates to Romeo and Juliet, the fictional tragedy written by Shakespeare using Verona as a setting. As we were to find out, Verona – and Juliet’s House specifically – has become a place of pilgrimage for the Romeo and Juliet obsessed.

I’ll have more on Juliet’s House further below. [Read more…]

Padova (Padua), Italy. And how we saved Big Bucks on Airbnb using it as a base in the Veneto region.

Padova (Padua), Italy. And how we saved Big Bucks (on Airbnb) using it as a base in the Veneto region

One of the things we always have to do when planning our time in Europe is juggling between Schengen and non-Schengen zones. When it became apparent in March that we wouldn’t have to go back to Canada for the summer, we decided that we would spend most of the summer (May to July) in Croatia. That meant planning another month (April) within the Schengen zone*.

* for those unfamiliar with the rules, I’ll break that all down at the bottom of this post.

We had a couple of scenarios. [Read more…]

Trieste. And remembering the things we don’t like about Italy

Things we don't like about Italy

We love Italy. We came here a few years back and had one of our best vacations ever exploring Tuscany. In Italy you’ll always be assured of beautiful landscapes, great food and wine, and incredible history. We also love the Italian people; their passion, their outlook on life, their fashion sense. Italy is one of our favorite countries.

But it took a little over 24 hours in Trieste to also remember certain things we don’t like about Italy. [Read more…]

Photos and tips on what to see and do in Florence, Italy.

Florence, Italy header 2
We spent 3 days in Florence. We covered the usual tourist “must see’s” and also took an interesting tour that most wouldn’t be aware of. Here is a quick recap:

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