Flying Split to Munich on Lufthansa

flying split to Munich on Lufthansa

I love plane views. When I bought the GoPro a couple of months ago I did it precisely because I wanted to capture views from mountains, towers and especially planes.

In mid-June I left Spanky behind in Split (Croatia) and flew to Mexico to visit my mom. This video captures the first leg of my trip from Split to Mexico City (via Munich). It’s about 3 ½ minutes long and captures some of the highlights from the 65 minute flight, including takeoff, popping through the clouds on the way up, popping through the clouds when descending, and landing. It also includes the beer I had while watching a football game in Munich Airport. You might have to be a plane geek like me to fully appreciate it 🙂
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Why Smartwings sucks. And how consumers are getting fleeced by the airlines.

why smartwings sucks

Announcing our next destination: Croatia.

We’ll be flying Bangkok – Prague in late March, staying a week in Prague, and from there flying down to Split, Croatia. But this post isn’t about Croatia. It’s about how consumers in 2015 are getting fleeced by the airlines. [Read more…]

20 Views from a Plane Window

20 views from a plane window

Above: Arena volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I love views from plane windows. Where else do you get an opportunity to see the world from that vantage point and see the beauty of the earth from the sky? I still get excited seeing changes in geography, suddenly seeing snow-capped mountains rising from a green plain or seeing the different shades of water in the Caribbean. Even clouds can be exciting.

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Photo Essay; Views from a Plane Window

views from a plane window
Above: San Andres, Colombia

I’ve always been a bit of a plane geek and one of my favorite things is seeing the world go by from a plane window. So I decided to do a post dedicated to views from plane windows and invited fellow bloggers to contribute submissions. Within hours they started [Read more…]

Top 10 lists according to AeroMexico


Above: AeroMexico magazine, April 2014 (Image credit: AeroMexico)

Inflight magazines are usually full of bland, commercial content. I rarely look at them except to study the maps and plane/airport information in the back sections. But flying back from Mexico yesterday (and I’ve got some interesting posts coming up over the next few weeks) I ended up getting absorbed by AeroMexico’s Aire April edition. Interesting, controversial and even shocking (think AeroMexico’s editors allowed something to go through unfiltered, maybe mistakenly. More on that below). [Read more…]

Schabak und Herpa


I know, the title sounds like a German doctor telling you that you have a venereal disease. It’s not.

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Freaked out about Flying in Costa Rica

E. to Fortuna from Quepos 216 (13)

If you haven’t zip-lined or bungee jumped I recommend the next closest thing to an extreme sport in Costa Rica: flying in a small plane.

With the country being so mountainous and the roads such a mess, flying is the quickest way of getting around. So before our month-long trip I booked 3 flights with Natureair. After our pleasant experience taking a small seaplane in Thailand I thought it would be a fun and unique way of seeing the geography of Costa Rica. [Read more…]

Why I’ll never fly US Airways again

USAir - you suck

I make it a point to try to never connect through the US when going somewhere. There are just too many headaches involved with all the checking and re-checking of baggage and all the various levels of security. It’s stressful. And when I do have to go through the [Read more…]

Plane travel and the real “Dick Move”

Plane travel and the real “Dick Move”
Welcome to my first rant.

I enjoy reading other people’s travel blogs – you’ll notice I have a page up top where I list some of my favorite blogs.

This week I came across a blog that was recognized as one of Time magazine’s 2011 blogs of the year. She has a “dick move” section which I was curious about, wondering what a “dick move” was. I came across this story where she describes a fellow traveller, a guy occupying a window seat, as a “douchbag”, an “asshole”, and as “heinous and rotten and selfish” [Read more…]

Seaplane in the Andaman sea, Thailand

seaplane in the andaman sea, thailand

Back in 2008, one of the highlights of our trip to Thailand was flying by seaplane from Ko Phi Phi Don to Ko Yao Noi with Destination Air[Read more…]