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Visiting Serbia, the bad boys of the Balkans 4
Forget everything you’ve read – Rome is Incredible
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driving spectacular Mt. Biokovo
Guanajuato, Mexico – the prettiest town I’ve ever seen
Hiking Mosor Mountain – Split, Croatia. Destination the Hrvoje Dujmić shelter

Hiking Mosor Mountain – Split, Croatia. And why you don’t need to take a tour.

People think that you need to book a tour if you want to climb Mosor Mountain. You don’t (especially since you can get here by city bus). Besides which, most organized hikes up Mosor Mountain only make it up as far as the Umberto Girometta Mountain house. The best hiking is done behind that, up the [...]

Getting a Croatian 1 year “Temporary Stay” in Split Part 2 – Forms, documentation, opening a Croatian bank account, Health Care…and costs.

Getting a Croatian 1 year “Temporary Stay” in Split: Part 2 – Forms, documentation, opening a Croatian bank account, Health Care…and costs.

In Part 1 of our experience in obtaining a 1-year Temporary Stay in Croatia, I covered: 1) the conditions for getting a prolonged stay, 2) finding an apartment in Split, 3) having a proper lease and getting it notarized, 4) obtaining your Croatian Identification Numbers. Knowing and having all the above, you are now ready [...]

Getting a Croatian 1 year “Temporary Stay” in Split Part 1 finding an apartment, signing a lease_edited-1

Getting a Croatian 1 year “Temporary Stay” in Split: Part 1 – finding an apartment, signing a lease

It started as a simple enquiry:  “How can we stay longer in Croatia?”. Now, a few months later, we have a leased apartment in Split and have been granted a 1 one-year “temporary stay” in Croatia. We’ve had a few of our readers ask us about the process here in Croatia so I decided to [...]

The friendly faces of Japan

The Friendly Faces of Japan (and some pets)

If there’s one thing that we’ll never forget from our time in Japan it’s the people. Always helpful and friendly, they go out of their way to make you feel welcome as a visitor. This photo essay covers the many friendly faces we met along the way. You’ll also see some dogs and cats. I [...]


Wild, Wacky Skopje (Macedonia). One of the Strangest Places we’ve been

Skopje is not the most beautiful place we’ve visited. But it might just be the most interesting and weirdest place we’ve ever been. Everywhere we walked we had “WTF?” moments: “there’s a pirate ship in the middle of the river! WTF?”, “look, there’s a London double decker bus! WTF?”, “those colors all over the monuments! [...]


Looking back at 2016…and forward to 2017. And our Travel Oscars (and losers) for the year.

Ah, the usual yearly wrap-ups that we travel bloggers come up with. But I’ve said it before: year end posts are about remembering what we did in the year, how far we came in fulfilling what we hoped for, and remembering how we felt about the places we visited as well as where we are in [...]

Visiting Serbia, the bad boys of the Balkans 4

Belgrade – Visiting Serbia, the Bad Boys of the Balkans

Our trip to Serbia started ominously. “You have a one-way ticket to Belgrade?” questioned the agent at the Turkish Airlines check in counter in Tokyo. “They might refuse you entry”.  They held us for 10 minutes, the agent talking to the supervisor. I actually thought they might not let us get on the flight. We [...]

Flashback to 2008...and thoughts on life changes

Flashback to 2008…and thoughts on life changes

Many years ago I had a blog on one those shared hosting websites. It didn’t get any traffic or comments but I enjoyed writing and putting down my thoughts (my biggest blogging mistake was not getting my own website until 2013). Recently, out of curiosity, I went back to that blog. I found this old [...]