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Prague or Budapest - which to visit

Prague or Budapest – which to visit?

Last year we spent 3 months in Prague, this year we’ve spent 2 months in Budapest. I think we’ve come to know and appreciate both cities. But as Eastern Europe’s most popular cities, people always ask “Which of the two should I visit? This post compares all the similarities, differences and things that are unique [...]

the most beautiful cafes in budapest

The Most Beautiful Cafés in Budapest

Budapest has some of the most beautiful, opulent coffee houses we’ve seen anywhere. The reason for that was a thriving coffee culture that started around 1910 and continued until the 1930′s. Cafés were where writers, poets and artists would meet. During this period there were about 500 scattered around the city. That ended during World War [...]

The Coolest Ruin bars in Budapest’s Jewish District

The Coolest Ruin bars in Budapest’s Jewish District

Lissette and I aren’t the types to hang around in bars. But we fell in love with something unique to Budapest – ruin bars. What’s a ruin bar? Typically it is an old, often abandoned, building that someone has decided to turn into a bar. They decorate it with old forgotten things (things you’d see [...]

Photo Essay Eger

Photo Essay: Things to Do and See in Eger, Hungary

Where to take a holiday in Hungary? One of our readers recommended the town of Eger in the Northeastern part of the country. A pretty town with beautiful churches (including the country’s 2nd largest Basilica) and a famous castle, it has thermal baths and is situated in one of Hungary’s premium wine producing regions. And it’s [...]

Highlights of our first year of Full-time Travel

Highlights of our first year of Full-time Travel (and our favorite photos)

The end of July 2015 marks the 1 year anniversary of us leaving Montreal. Since then we’ve done a lot of travelling and experienced many things. This post sums it up with some of our favorite photos as well as recollections of highlights, lowlights, surprises, things learned as well as all kinds of

One month in Budapest. Experiences and impressions to date.

One month in Budapest. Experiences and impressions to date.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating a month in Budapest. Someone asked me yesterday how I liked Budapest. It’s something I’ve been putting off answering because, honestly, I’m not 100% sure myself how I feel. And then I remember that we felt the same way after a month in Prague last year – a city that [...]


On the frontlines of the migrant crisis in Budapest

September 10, 2015 I had no interest in writing about the migrant issue. This is a travel blog and although I have strong opinions on politics I try to keep them to myself. But sometimes subjects overlap, or issues are shoved in your face and you have to speak up. That’s happened over the last [...]


Why we’re cancelling our travel plans to Turkey

A few months ago we planned the first leg of our 2nd year of travel. We would start in Budapest (Hungary) where we would stay a couple of months. From there we would go to Romania for another month, then on through Bulgaria to Turkey. We hoped to be in Turkey by mid-November and take [...]