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A Day Trip to Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is both a Unesco World Heritage Site and an easy day trip from Split. We came here a week ago on a Sunday. A Sunday in April? We’d been warned that April is ‘off-season’ and that Sunday is “God’s Day” (we’ve learned that Croatians are a lot more devout than we ever expected). Still, this ended [...]

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The Highlights of a Visit to Diocletian’s Palace – Split, Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace contains some of the most impressive Roman architecture to be found on the Adriatic coast. Its highlights include the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world, 3500 year-old Egyptian sphinxes, and vestiges of Roman, Venetian, and medieval architecture. The Old City is a Unesco Heritage Site and is also famous as a

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Are you proud to be (insert your nationality)? How I feel being Canadian.

Walking around Split, our guide mentioned a few times how proud she was to be Croatian. Later, having a beer on our balcony, Lissette asked me what I thought of that. And then asked me if I feel proud to be Canadian. Firstly, I can see why Croatians would be proud of their country: Croatia

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How visiting Prague in early April turned into a Kinder Surprise. And some tips and recommendations.

We spent 3 months in Prague last summer, leaving for Asia as it was starting to get cold in late September. Coming back a week ago we didn’t know what to expect. We’ve never been in Europe this time of year. Our 6 days in Prague were what Spanky calls a ‘Kinder Surprise’ (after the [...]


Looking back at 2014 (a.k.a our year in photos). And our hopes and dreams for 2015.

2014 was like two very different years in one as we went from conventional life in Montreal (the first 6 months) to living a life on the road. I don’t usually like to post personal photos or stories on the blog. This is an exception. Year end posts are

why smartwings sucks

Why Smartwings sucks. And how consumers are getting fleeced by the airlines.

Announcing our next destination: Croatia. We’ll be flying Bangkok – Prague in late March, staying a week in Prague, and from there flying down to Split, Croatia. But this post isn’t about Croatia. It’s about how consumers in 2015 are getting fleeced by the airlines.

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People, Markets and crazy thing on wheels in Nong Khai, Thailand

We have over 50 photos – taken over 3 months – in this post. We’ve come to love the markets in Nong Khai, especially the Saturday Night Market. It’s the one night of the week when this quiet town wakes up and brings all of its residents to the riverside promenade.

Guide to Nong Khai, Thailand

Guide to Nong Khai, Thailand

We’ve stayed almost 4 months in Nong Khai. We love this little town and if/when we come back to Thailand we will make it our base in the region. What makes this town so unique? It’s pretty, clean, peaceful, is not touristy (you may find yourself saying “hey look, there’s a white tourist!”) yet it [...]