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Why Kotor, Montenegro, totally blew us away 910
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Changing my mind about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 910 header
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Changing my mind about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 910 header

Changing my mind about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A couple of years ago I visited San Miguel de Allende. I wrote a post on my visit at the time, saying that it was a pretty place, that it was well equipped as a Western retirement spot, but that I had found it overly ‘gringorized’. A few people weren’t happy with me saying that. [...]

Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel, observations and reflections._edited-2

Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel. Observations and reflections.

We came back to Montreal with a lot of conflicting feelings. There was stress. For the last year Lissette has been working from a distance and the agreement with her employer was that it would last for just a year. Coming back, she knew there was no way that she could go back to working [...]

Things we don't like about Italy

Trieste. And remembering the things we don’t like about Italy

We love Italy. We came here a few years back and had one of our best vacations ever exploring Tuscany. In Italy you’ll always be assured of beautiful landscapes, great food and wine, and incredible history. We also love the Italian people; their passion, their outlook on life, their fashion sense. Italy is one of [...]

Piran, Slovenia header

Piran, Slovenia’s Coastal Jewel

Like Ljubljana, Piran is small. All of Slovenia’s towns and cities seem to be small. But damn is it pretty! You can see the Italian influence in Piran. The town was part of the Venetian Empire from the 13th century to the end of the 18th century. It was part of Italy from 1918 to [...]

Plitvice Lakes Impressions, Tips and Regrets

Plitvice Lakes: Impressions, Tips and Regrets

I read a lot of blogs and they always help me in planning what to see and how much time to spend somewhere. I wish I hadn’t read anything on Croatia’s famous Plitvice Lakes, because the National Park in our opinion really requires more than the one night stay/ half day excursion that most bloggers [...]

Zagreb. Scams, graffiti and pleasant surprises

Zagreb: Scams, graffiti, and pleasant surprises

Zagreb. For me, the name evokes images of depressingly grey Russian-style apartment blocks and big guys named Igor. Our first impressions arriving in Zagreb didn’t dissuade from those preconceptions. We waited an hour at the bus

Why “Feel good” quotes  represent everything that’s wrong with the world

Why “Feel good” quotes represent everything that’s wrong with the world.

Uck. I hate feel good quotes. Hate is a pretty strong word.  I was reminded of how intense my feelings are towards them when we recently stayed in an apartment in Zagreb literally jam-packed with saccharine sweet slogans and sayings. A few photos from the apartment.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A Visit to the Charming City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljulbjana is one of the prettiest, most charming capitals in Europe. It is laid back (you could say sleepy), clean, and somehow feels like somewhere out of a fairy tale with its colourful squares, unusual bridges (including a Dragon bridge), weird statues, and a river which reminded me of a mini version of the Seine [...]