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Cost comparison by city

Cost breakdown: Montreal Vs Prague Vs Bangkok

When we left Montreal last July we knew that our money would go further overseas. While not the most expensive city in Canada, Montreal is an expensive city by most standards. We figured that Prague would be cheaper and Bangkok even

sunset at Banyan Tree

Bangkok: Me luv you not so long time

This is my 5th time in Bangkok, the 2nd time for Lissette. I’ve previously written about Bangkok and how it is a city that grows on you. With a fresh – and different – perspective I don’t know if that is accurate. In fact the opposite might be true. I had a great time when [...]

Hill Tribe Girls in northern Thailand (Photo by Tashi Delek)

Everything IS Personal. And, on that note; getting our feet on the ground in Bangkok

“Some would certainly stone me for saying this, but I don’t travel to places for the people anymore. It’s the sights and things to do there that are why I go. Friendly locals are always a bonus in my book, but they don’t make or break a trip for me”. .

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (5)

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic – Photo Essay and tourist information

Český Krumlov, along with Prague, are the two most popular destinations for visitors to the Czech Republic. The town looks like something out of a fairytale with a huge castle overlooking a picturesque old town. The Vltava River winds its

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand (1)

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand – Paradise ruined

I almost wanted to cry when I saw what had become of Ko Phi Phi. When I first came here in 2001 all the hotels were bungalow-type operations on the strip of sand that made up Tonsai village. Coming in, you could barely make out the bungalows among the tall palm trees.

Gondola in Venice

Highlights of a trip to Venice, Italy. And why proposing on a gondola is not a good idea…

Every corner of Venice is another painting. Three days we walked the city, usually getting lost. Tons of alleys, little bridges over canals, squares with churches. The detail is everywhere and the beauty

Internet Troll

Travel Forums 101: dealing with Trolls, Haters, Expats, and other “Uglies”

  Image Credit: Ukhumansrightblog.com Travel Forums can be great places. You need a tip on where to go in a particular country, where to stay, or just want general information then it is the place to go for the most up-to-date information. My

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Photo Essay; Views from a Plane Window

Above: San Andres, Colombia I’ve always been a bit of a plane geek and one of my favorite things is seeing the world go by from a plane window. So I decided to do a post dedicated to views from plane windows and invited fellow bloggers to contribute submissions. Within hours they started