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SA PHOTOS Drakensberg

Highlights of Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa

Above: Drakensberg Mountains Coming north from the Eastern Cape Province (covered in the last post) brings you to Kwazulu-Natal Province (KZN). Most foreign visitors will be surprised to hear that this is the most visited province in the country

Autumn in Montreal (1)

Photo Essay – Montreal in the Autumn

The best of Autumn is coming to an end in Montreal. The vivid colours have started turning to different shades of brown and the trees are getting increasingly bare. It won’t be long until we start waking up to frost in the morning - Halloween usually signals a quick descent into the dregs

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica (1)

Photos of beautiful Santa Teresa – and why we’re not big fans of Costa Rica

Anyone who’s followed my blog knows that we haven’t been great fans of Costa Rica. Santa Teresa ended up being the one place in Costa Rica that we loved. First of all, Santa Teresa itself isn’t much of anything. It’s a dirty little town built up

Trinidad 2

Photo Documentary and Travel Tips on the beautiful town of Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad was just what we needed after Havana. It is a Unesco world heritage site and is referred to as Cuba’s colonial jewel; a small town of churches, mansions, and pretty colonial buildings located in a valley between the sea and mountains. Today many of the houses have been restored as casa particulares (private hotels) [...]

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand (1)

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand – Paradise ruined

I almost wanted to cry when I saw what had become of Ko Phi Phi. When I first came here in 2001 all the hotels were bungalow-type operations on the strip of sand that made up Tonsai village. Coming in, you could barely make out the bungalows among the tall palm trees – the island

Salzburg, Austria (1)

What to see and do in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is an incredibly attractive city filled with churches, squares with fountains, and a huge castle that looms over everything. Lots of trendy cafes and restaurants are filled with well to do tourists – Salzburg is definately a up scale tourist town. In the background, behind the city are snow

Bacharach, Germany (1)

Guide on Bacharach (our favorite German town) and Highlights of the Rhine

Bacharach is a small town situated on one of the most scenic stretches of the Rhine river. It is about an hour and a half from Frankfurt, or about 15 minutes away from Bingen (the nearest “big” town). This stretch of the Rhine is dotted with castles and

siena, Italy (4)

Awed by the Highlights of Siena, Italy. And thoughts on Italian fashion…

We headed south after Pisa, the geography getting hillier and greener as we approached Siena. Siena is a hilly, pretty city with one of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy (Piazza del campo), the 2nd highest tower in Italy (Torre del Mangia), and the most impressive Duomo (cathedral) I’ve ever seen. The interior of the [...]