Guide on Bacharach (our favorite German town) and Highlights of the Rhine

Bacharach, Germany header
Bacharach is a small town situated on one of the most scenic stretches of the Rhine river. It is about an hour and a half from Frankfurt, or about 15 minutes away from Bingen (the nearest “big” town). This stretch of the Rhine is dotted with castles and [Read more…]

Highlights of a visit to Berchtesgaden and Lake Konigsee, Germany

Berchtesgaden and lake Kognisee, Germany

Berchtesgaden is a small town situated in the Alps, just across the border in Germany and about an hour from Salzburg. It’s a beautiful little village who’s main tourist highlight is the Eagle’s Nest, the summer lodge built for Hitler high on top of one of the mountains. Also close to Berchtesgaden is Lake Konigsee in the nearby Berchtesgaden National Park. [Read more…]

What you need to know about visiting Fussen and Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Above: A miserably cold and rainy day.

Fussen is a cute little town 2 hours by train from Munich, full of cafes, restaurants, and tourist shops. It’s touristy but hasn’t lost its charm. The town is [Read more…]

24 hours in Munich, Germany

24 hours in Munich

I arrived in Munich from Regensburg in the late afternoon. I had about 12 hours to myself, I was meeting Lissette very early the next morning at the airport. From almost the second that I stepped out of the train station I realized that Munich had changed dramatically from the last time that I had been here 16 years ago. I strolled Neuhauser Strasse down to the Marienplatz, the street full of people of different shades of color. Indian families walked hand in hand. There were Muslims, the women (and there seemed to be a lot) covered head-to-foot in black shawls. There were Africans, Asians and Turks. There were languages I couldn’t even identify. Munich is much more multicultural place than when I had last seen it. [Read more…]

Travel Tips and pleasant surprises – Regensburg, Germany

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Regensgurg is one of the oldest towns in Germany and was once the capital of Bavaria. The city amazed me. First of all, the Cathedral is stupendous. The [Read more…]