A year of Airbnb apartments (July 2014 – July 2015)

A year of Airbnb

We had never used Airbnb before last summer. Move the clock forward and we’ve stayed 196 nights of the past year in a total of 15 Airbnb apartments. I don’t know how we would travel the way we do without Airbnb.

In this post I’ll feature our favorite Airbnb apartment stays over the past year [Read more…]

Guide to Nong Khai, Thailand

Guide to Nong Khai, Thailand
We’ve stayed almost 4 months in Nong Khai. We love this little town and if/when we come back to Thailand we will make it our base in the region. What makes this town so unique? It’s pretty, clean, peaceful, is not touristy (you may find yourself saying “hey look, there’s a white tourist!”) yet it has just enough of an expat population to ensure a few of the basic comforts of home. Most importantly, it hasn’t lost its authentic small-town Thai feel. We’ve made a lot of friends here.

This guide is meant to help short-term  or slow travellers who intend on spending anything from a day to a few months in Nong Khai. I’ll cover how to get to here, accommodation, and food options (including our favorite restaurants). I’ll also tell you what you should see and do while in Nong Khai.  [Read more…]

Visiting Amazing Sala Keoku in Nong Khai, Thailand

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (6)

Sala Keoku is the most popular tourist site in Nong Khai and is worth a detour if in the area. If you are staying in Nong Khai for even just one day it is a must-see. I’m almost at a loss to describe the site. It is called by many a ‘sculpture park’ but for [Read more…]

People, Markets and crazy thing on wheels in Nong Khai, Thailand

NONG KHAI, Thailand

We have over 50 photos – taken over 3 months – in this post. We’ve come to love the markets in Nong Khai, especially the Saturday Night Market. It’s the one night of the week when this quiet town wakes up and brings all of its residents to the riverside promenade. [Read more…]

Things learned through 8 months of travel

Things learned through 8 months of travel

You learn many things about yourself and your partner when you travel full time. Our first 9 years together, Lissette (Spanky) and I lived quite the routine life centered on the 9 -5 of work. The last 8 months have meant big changes to our way of living. Here are things we’ve learned, adjustments [Read more…]

What you can expect applying for a Thai Visa in Vientiane, Laos

thai consulate in Vientiane panoramio

Above: Thai consulate in Vientiane on a very quiet day (photo credit panoramio.com)

This is not a detailed post explaining how Thai Visas work. I still get a headache trying to get my head around the rules. It is about what you can expect stepping into the Thai consulate in Vientiane, the amount of people you’ll encounter, and the process you’ll be ‘led’ through. It’s not a day in the park and you should come prepared. It was a whole lot different than the very organized process we went through obtaining our first Thai Visa in Prague 4 months ago. [Read more…]

We’re not on Holiday! Differences between vacationing and travelling explained

Not on Holiday

Our recent one-week stay in Siem Reap Cambodia was fun. We would get up early and be picked up by our tuk tuk driver for our almost daily excursion to the ruins of Angkor. We would do lots of walking, then, sometime around [Read more…]

Photos of Nong Khai, Thailand. You’ll see why we love this town…

Nong Khai, Thailand

We’ve been in Nong Khai a little bit over a month now. We love this town. I’ve previously written about Bangkok and Hua Hin and how they weren’t for us. We were getting a bit disillusioned with our stay in Thailand. Until we arrived in Nong Khai. [Read more…]

Looking back at 2014 (a.k.a our year in photos). And our hopes and dreams for 2015.


2014 was like two very different years in one as we went from conventional life in Montreal (the first 6 months) to living a life on the road.

I don’t usually like to post personal photos or stories on the blog. This is an exception. Year end posts are about what we did in the year, how [Read more…]

Things to consider before settling in Hua Hin, Thailand. And why it isn’t for us.

Hua Hin, ThailandView down the coast from Khao Takiab. Central Hua Hin is at the tip (where you see the triangular Hilton Hotel).

We really, really wanted to like Hua Hin after our stay in Bangkok. We stayed there for 5 weeks and I held off writing this post, hoping that something could warm us up to the place. Nothing did. Except for maybe the Airbnb apartment which we rented. It felt an oasis in an otherwise uninspiring beach town. In fact I thought about called this post “Ho Hum about Hua Hin” (rhythmic but I don’t think it would be very SEO friendly). [Read more…]