Saving elephants one at a time at the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation


Above: volunteer Will with Tong Kam

There are many reasons to love elephants. They’re majestic, powerful beasts that we draw parallels to because of their deep family bonds, their soulfulness, as well as their playfulness. Watching a baby elephant running around, it’s tongue hanging out, is pure joy. It’s like watching a puppy. Except that puppies don’t weight 1.5 tons and won’t crush you as they’re rushing down that path eager to jump in a puddle of mud. We also love elephants because, like us, they are all very different. Physically they can be big, short, fat, tall; personality-wise they can be affectionate, independent, or playful. And their moods and personalities can change on a dime. They can be moody, temperamental and stubborn. And dangerous. Sometimes we forget that these wonderful beast are also wild animals.

We experienced all of the above last Friday. [Read more…]

Cost breakdown: Montreal Vs Prague Vs Bangkok

When we left Montreal last July we knew that our money would go further overseas. While not the most expensive city in Canada, Montreal is an expensive city by most standards. We figured that Prague would be cheaper and Bangkok even [Read more…]

Loy Krathong in Hua Hin – Video

Loy-Krathong in hua hin

Loy Krathong is one of Thailand’s most colourful and celebrated festivals. It is celebrated on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the Thai lunar calendar (which usually falls in November on our Western Calendar).

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Prostitution, Trafficking and the myth of “Asian Values”

StickmanLights21aPhoto credit:

You walk anywhere in Thailand and you’ll see them – older men, usually expats, walking hand in hand with younger Thai girls. We’re in a condo complex in Hua Hin as I write this and just on this floor alone there are a few older men with younger girlfriends. Most are, I venture, in their 60s. The girlfriends appear to be in their late 20’s/early 30’s. So they’re basically young enough to be their daughters. [Read more…]

You can call me fat. Just don’t call me Chinese.

Chinese tourists in Bangkok

We were talking to Eric, a flamboyant gay man in his late 50’s who had happened to be sitting across from us at the restaurant. Eric had his eye on a younger Thai man who would sometimes get up to have a smoke outside. “Sawadee krap”, or ‘hello” he would purr to the Thai man as he would pass. The man didn’t seem interested, his lover was sitting at a table further in the restaurant.

We were still talking to Eric an hour later when the lovers made to leave the restaurant.
Eric to the man (ignoring the other Thai man who had his arm around him): “Sawadee krap, you come often to the restaurant? I never see you here”.
The Thai man looked at him, no interest in his eyes. “We come here sometimes together”. They made as if to leave.
Eric: “Are you Chinese?”
Thai man: “No, I am Thai man.”
Eric: “You look with your features like you are Chinese. You have fat face.” [Read more…]

Bangkok: Me luv you not so long time

This is my 5th time in Bangkok, the 2nd time for Lissette. I’ve previously written about Bangkok and how it is a city that grows on you. With a fresh – and different – perspective I don’t know if that is accurate. In fact the opposite might be true.

I had a great time when I passed through here about 12 years ago. I was single, [Read more…]

Everything IS Personal. And why you can’t love every place you visit…

everything is personal 2

“Some would certainly stone me for saying this, but I don’t travel to places for the people anymore. It’s the sights and things to do there that are why I go. Friendly locals are always a bonus in my book, but they don’t make or break a trip for me”.
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Falling for the Bangkok Gem Scam

bangkok gem scam

I never wanted to write about the Bangkok Gem scam. It’s embarassing. Only idiots fall for that, right? The same kind of idiots who get drunk and unknowingly bring ladyboys back to their room. But there’s something about Bangkok that brings the crazy and stupid out of people – and I was one [Read more…]

A Tour of Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

elephant-nature-park, Thailand

The Elephant Nature Park was started up in 1999 by a woman named Lek who made it her life’s work to rescue and take care abused elephants. The success of the park can [Read more…]

Travel tips and Highlights of a quick visit to Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao, Thailand

Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao, Header

Above: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, just outside Chiang Mai (credit:

Northern Thailand. I remember passing through Chiang Mai in 2002 and not really liking the city. I think that had something to do with the moody girlfriend I was travelling with. She had one of her emotional meltdowns in Chiang Mai and I just remember thinking that travelling with a woman was one of the worst things ever.

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